China's high pressure plunger pump technology breaks Western monopoly


On the technology of high-pressure plunger pump, China has broken the monopoly of the west at one stroke, which is also a great help to the arms production

Every country in the world is competing for development in the field of science and technology. If you want to have advanced technology and equipment, you also want to be the leader in this field. And we in great China naturally do not want to lag behind. We are also working hard to study and build. Through the development of China, we have also made a lot of achievements and invented a lot of equipment that attracts people's attention.

Our great China has also made great achievements in the military field, which even makes the army fans enjoy themselves. In fact, behind these achievements, there are special core technologies that need to be overcome. Because we have not mastered some technologies and have no ability to produce key equipment by ourselves, we can only be subject to the restrictions of other countries and import such equipment from foreign countries to meet China's needs.

In fact, in most fields, there are these core technologies and equipment, and almost all of them have high-pressure plunger pump. This kind of thing is a large-scale die forging press, a key technology of forging equipment, and also a necessary product of large-scale die forging press and aviation manufacturing. For example, the j-20 used such equipment. Before that, the high-pressure plunger pump was monopolized by western countries. If our country wants to use this kind of equipment, we need to import it from abroad at a high price, and the import price has reached more than 200000 yuan.

Not only that, the later repair and maintenance are also subject to others, so our country also realizes that the core technology of any thing needs self-control, so that we can get rid of other people's control, and we have a voice, and also realize the importance of independent development of high-pressure plunger pump. So we in China began to devote ourselves to the research. After years of hard work, we have also made great achievements and made breakthrough progress.

In some fields and equipment, the high-pressure plunger pump produced by our country is adopted. In this way, the monopoly market of the west can be broken, and the development of China's arms production will be unimpeded. It is no longer necessary to rely on imports for mass production, nor need to spend such a high price to buy, and it does not need to be controlled by other countries in later maintenance and repair. It is also a great help to arms production!