Quintuplex High Pressure plunger Pump

The high pressure plunger pump has these 5 characteristics:

The 1, instantaneous flow rate is pulsating

This is because in the piston pump, the suction and discharge of the fluid medium are performed alternately, and the piston speed changes continuously during the displacement process. In a pump with only one working chamber, the instantaneous flow varies not only over time, but is discontinuous. As the working cavity increases, the instantaneous flow becomes smaller and even practically considered as turbulence.

The 2, average traffic is constant

I n theory, the flow of the pump only depends on the main structural parameters n(number of times per minute), S(piston stroke), D(piston diameter), D(piston diameter) and Z(piston), independent of the discharge pressure and the physical and chemical properties such as temperature and viscosity of the conveying medium. So the pump flow rate is constant.

5W90 (Q230)

Pressure of the 3, pump depends on the piping characteristics

The discharge pressure of the plunger pump cannot be limited by the pump itself, but depends on the piping characteristics of the pump unit and is independent of the flow rate. That is, if the delivery liquid is considered to be incompressible, then it is theoretically assumed that the discharge pressure of the reciprocating pump will be unrestricted, and any required discharge pressure of the pump can be established according to the piping characteristics of the pump device. Of course, all reciprocating pumps have the discharge pressure of one pump, which is not that the discharge pressure of the pump will not increase again, but only that due to the limits of the original motor rating and the structural pressure of the pump itself.

4, has a strong adaptability to the conveying medium

The plunger pump can in principle deliver any medium, almost limited by the physical and chemical properties of the medium. Of course, due to the limitations of hydraulic materials and manufacturing technology and the sealing technology, sometimes unsuitable.

5, has good self-absorption performance

High-pressure plunger pump not only has good suction performance, but also has good self-absorption performance. Therefore, for most reciprocating pumps, irrigation is not required before startup. Machine is highly efficient and energy efficient.