Safety Precautions of High Pressure Plunger Pumps


1、 Preparation before start-up

1) Check the fluid level in the reservoir

2) Check the oil level of the crankcase Dao and the level of the oiler, and supplement them if they are insufficient

3) Check whether all parts of the transmission system are normal (the coupling is connected reliably and the belt tension is appropriate)

4) Check whether there is abnormal jamming and noise

5) Check whether the nitrogen pressure in the nitrogen package is within the allowable range

6) Start the feed pump

7) Open the water inlet valve of the pump, discharge the air in the pump, and open the overflow valve (return valve)

8) Check the supply voltage

9) Check whether the screws at the base, plunger, clamp, stuffing box and valve cover are tight. Adjust the limit position of the automatic control panel and check whether the overload protection device is reliable

10) Start the lubricating oil pump to control the oil pressure, and shake the oiler to fill the lubricating plunger. Check the insulation and grounding of the main motor, and jog the motor to see if its running direction is correct.

2、 Start operation

1) Turn on the power and start the pump.

2) Pay attention to the noise and operation of the pump.

3) Open the outlet valve slowly and close the relief valve slowly at the same time.

4) The load of the pump can be increased gradually after the pump runs without any problem. The load shall not exceed 5MPa each time, and the lower load can be added after each level of load has been operated for 15 minutes.

3、 Pump stop operation

1) Before stopping the pump, first open the return valve, and at the same time close the outlet valve, and let the pump run under load for 3-5 minutes.

2) Cut off the power supply of the main pump motor.

3) After the pump stops running, cut off the power supply of lubricating oil pump.

4) Turn the pump for 3-5 turns, check whether there is abnormal phenomenon, and eliminate it in time, so that the pump is in good condition for transportation.